Elastic/Logstash/Kibana Integration

We can integrate the Poppins application logfile with the Elastic/Logstash/Kibana stack so we can monitor the Poppins backup jobs. Poppins logfile The Poppins application logfile looks like this: "2015-11-12 00:28:21" "ocampo" "SUCCESS" "00:13:21" "/root/poppins/logs/ocampo.2015-11-12_001500.poppins.success.log" "0.1" "2015-11-12 00:45:00" "martins" "SUCCESS" "00:30:00" "/root/poppins/logs/martins.2015-11-12_001500.poppins.success.log" "0.1" "2015-11-12 01:14:39" "hong" "ERROR" "00:59:38" "/root/poppins/logs/hong.2015-11-12_001500.poppins.error.log" "0.1" "2015-11-12 01:22:19" "kingsley" "SUCCESS" "01:07:18" "/root/poppins/logs/kingsley.2015-11-12_001500.poppins.success.log" … Continue reading Elastic/Logstash/Kibana Integration

Install Poppins on Debian

Let's install Poppins on the backup server and remote host, both Debian machines. For this example to work, let's assume the host drizzle is defined in /etc/hosts. Setup Backup Server Install required packages: root@umbrella ~ # apt-get install mercurial php5-cli rsync ssh grep gzip Set the appropriate timezone in /etc/php5/cli/php.ini if required. For a full … Continue reading Install Poppins on Debian